Honour system
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“We've always had really
good responses. We don't
even bother posting
anywhere else anymore.”


Kecia Kerr

GoodWork  is not a robot — we’re passionate environmentalists working hard to support your great work. When you post, we get to work optimizing and distributing your posting. We guarantee the benefits will far outweigh our modest fee.

Great staff are key to success. Employers tell us, “We posted elsewhere but got heaps of applicants who hadn't even read the posting. From GoodWork, we hired the best.”  Most decide that, when hiring for paid staff, our modest fee is a drop in the bucket. Not to post is often bad budgeting, ‘penny wise pound foolish’. Organizations that don't value both people and planet, don't tend to get far.

We welcome every posting that's in some way related to environment, sustainability or nature, or otherwise seems like a good fit. Our mission is to support good work for a greener world.

We‘re working overtime to fill all positions in these tumultous times. We are not corporate, not government funded, not a robot site. We're a social enterprise dedicated to serving great organizations like yours. Our goal is not to profit, but to protect the environment and climate action. We invest time and resources in your posting, giving the results we're known for. We too deserve a living wage, for the service and results we provide.

No posting is rejected due to honest inability to pay. In support of unfunded community groups and other special circumstances, we do our best for “can't pay” postings. If you had to pay, would that truly prevent you from posting? If so, just choose ‘Can't pay’ on the posting page. Please explain in the posting comments, and we'll take it from there.

Not sure?  When hiring someone who you'll be paying thousands in wages or salary, does it make sense to pinch pennies to find the best person? When you choose our suggested rate, our team goes to work for you. Paid postings tend to get stronger results, the results we're known for.

In any case, whether or not you can pay, please go ahead and post.

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Why an honour system?

Most importantly, GoodWork attracts the best and brightest people, eager to help the environment. By posting with GoodWork, you'll save time and do better than all the emailing, tweeting and facebooking you could imagine. It's a win-win — for you, applicants and the environmental movement.

GoodWork is run by and for people who care about the environment. For years we ran GoodWork entirely for free. We helped countless groups, organizations, businesses, schools. It was completely altruistic. But then... we ran out of money and very nearly had to shut down. We learned that no matter how much we care and want to help, it's impossible to be truly effective on best intentions alone. So, in support of the many great projects that are underfunded, cash-strapped, volunteer run, we decided on a sliding scale system.

GoodWork may look simple, but behind the scenes we're tirelessly at work. Finding new employers. Seeking out great candidates. Helping with postings. Maintaining the site. Managing the details that bring it all together. We're very much here for the cause — but we need to pay the bills like anyone else. Hence, an honour system.

Supporting the environment since 2001.