Let's work together

Want to help connect green-minded people with the important work that needs doing? The environment needs all hands on deck. Without lots of staff, participants, interns, volunteers, board members ...there would be no change. Let's work together for the greater common good.

GoodWork partners with a variety of organizations, entrepreneurs, recruiters and inspired environmentalists across Canada. This can take any form ranging from an informal verbal agreement, to a binding contract for the exchange of services. Possible collaborations can involve anything from simple co-promotion, to specific consulting, hiring or job board services.

If you like what we're doing and would consider partnering, collaborating, or just helping spread the word, please call or email to discuss.

Starting your own job, networking or other environmental website?

Great idea! But think twice before “reinventing the wheel”. It can quickly become an endless sink of time and resources — not such a great idea for the environment. Want to maximize your impact? Want to build on the shoulders of those who have come before? We can offer suggestions, advice, refer you to the best resources, and suggest possible collaborations. No charge, no strings — we've been supporting Canada's environmental community since 2001. Contact us to brainstorm the possibilities.



GoodWork supports RCEN, The Canadian Environmental Network and other partners.