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GoodWork's Mission

GoodWork is a unique hub dedicated to catalyzing social and environmental action by connecting organizations and individuals across Canada. Our mission is to empower and enable everyone concerned about environment & climate change — providing real opportunities for change.

GoodWork is dedicated to supporting environmental organizations, sustainable business and leadership, across Canada.


GoodWork was launched in 2001 by life-long environmentalist, Peter Blanchard. It all started out at environmental events and community meetings, meeting hundreds of local activists face to face; discussing how to bring about positive change; networking and handing out flyers. From our early beginnings as a community service in the Greater Toronto Area, GoodWork has grown to a Canada-wide network that's known from Halifax to Vancouver; from Pelee Island to the Arctic Ocean.  

46,000+ positions! 

The result has been an amazing success. Forty-six thousand opportunities to date. Everything from grassroots, entry level, to senior positions with environmental organizations, government and sustainable business. Success stories have poured in from employers, as well as from people of all walks of life seeking good, meaningful work.

Employers choose GoodWork for its dedicated community and streamlined process, setting us apart from corporate sites. Employers post here because they know they'll find great candidates — without the time consuming chaos and frustration that tends to happen elsewhere. 

Giving back

GoodWork continues to ‘pay it forward’ by filling positions even when the employer has zero budget for hiring/recruiting. This will always be a key part of our giving back to Canada's environmental movement. To date we've given away 16,000 postings, a value of over $1,000,000. We're here for the environment, first.

GoodWork continues to ‘pay it forward’ and support enviromental work in Canada by filling positions even when the employer has zero budget for hiring/recruiting. We know that this support has been invaluable for non-profits and charities with little to no budget, also eco-farm startups and grassroots movements. Continuing to provide this when genuinely needed is a cornerstone of our commitment to supporting Canada's environmental movement.

Contributed at our expense... 
16,000 donated postings – a value
of over $1,000,000.

Personal service

Even in today’s digital age, GoodWork prides itself on being a genuinely human-operated service, ensuring that each posting and inquiry receives personal attention. For each and every posting, our team is working to ensure that it attracts suitable candidates. In addition, we offer personal client service; our experienced staff are just a phone call away. Call or email us

Helping people

We are also here to help people directly. We respond to inquiries of all kinds about environment, sustainability, climate action, as well as the search for meaningful work. 


We pride ourselves on being a transparent, human-powered resource, free from the opaque algorithms and profit-driven tactics commonly seen on mainstream platforms. GoodWork operates with full transparency, using straightforward processes to ensure that your postings are seen by the right audience.

Is GoodWork 'free'?

GoodWork started out as a free service, entirely free of charge. But we soon learned that to achieve our mission, we too need to be sustainable. We've evolved towards a sliding scale model, to ensure our sustainability while paying our staff a fair wage. It's an honour system. This enables GoodWork to be here for the environmental movement — to perform this crucial function for the community every day, all year round.

Green workplace

As much as possible, GoodWork staff strive to practise sustainable living in all aspects of our lives... to find the healthy balance in a society that lags behind. We walk or bike to work, or tele-commute whenever possible. Our commitment extends to our digital footprint, where we use Canadian-owned, green servers and open-source software, promoting an open, sustainable, and democratic internet.


GoodWork — Leading for People and Planet since 2001.

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“Thank you for GoodWork's ongoing support of our work – you’ve helped us build a great team.” — Christine Martin, Evergreen

“GoodWork is enormously helpful. Of all the postings I've done, this is the one that has drawn the attention of excellent candidates.”
— Margaret Tourond-Townson, Canadian Organic Growers


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