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Kecia Kerr

GoodWork is Canada's largest community of environmental changemakers, sustainability professionals, job seekers and volunteers. We'll help you find the best and brightest in any field.

  • Effective:  GoodWork will connect you with the best and brightest people for the job, guaranteed.
  • Affordable:  Our modest rates keep GoodWork going — but deliver the best.  What's more, in support of under-funded and volunteer projects, no posting is rejected due to honest inability to pay. Just choose "can't pay" on the posting form.
  • Green:  GoodWork is run by and for people who care about the environment. We've been actively supporting the environmental movement for 23 years.
  • Guaranteed:  If you receive anything less than an outstanding response, our dedicated team is here to find a solution... or happily return any payment you've made.
  • Fast and easy:  Our one-step posting page takes seconds to complete. Or e-mail us your posting.

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GoodWork supports RCEN, The Canadian Environmental Network and other partners.