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Kecia Kerr

Posting with GoodWork is an entirely different experience compared to other sites. Instead of receiving hundreds of resumes from people who haven’t even read the posting, you’ll receive a manageable number of highly qualified, motivated candidates. We guarantee it.

$50 — Budget rate (special situations with limited budget)
$100 — Standard rate (greater targeting, promotion, reach)
$200 — Senior or hard-to-fill position
$200 — Commercial / institutional rate
$300 — As above, plus partner sites and social media
$400 — As above plus paid, targeted social media promotion
Other / annual arrangement (please contact us)

Your posting can stay online for as long as needed. You can extend at any time. Or, if the first interviews fall through, you can reopen (no charge).

Payment methods HelpPlease choose whichever option is most convenient for you. Multiple postings? Feel free to combine. Questions? Call us at 1-855-824-8401 or e-mail: info

VISA, MasterCard or Paypal:

(Paypal accepts VISA and MasterCard. Or if you prefer, feel free to use the green "Pay Now" button below to pay directly by VISA or MasterCard.)

Credit or Debit:             

Cheque or money order:

Please make your cheque payable to People and Planet and mail to:

People and Planet
Box 21006, RPO Ottawa South
Ottawa ON  K1S 5N1


We also accept Interac e-Transfer. If you bank online with any major Canadian bank, select "Interac e-Transfer" from your online banking menu.  Recipient:
Name: GoodWork
E-mail: info (remove spaces)


If you have any questions, please call us at (613) 744-3392 or email


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