Why post with GoodWork?

What do you get when you post?

When someone asks us this, it's often because they think GoodWork is “just a website” and aren't familiar with the history, integrity and depth of GoodWork and its community. So here's the low down...

What you'll get:

  1. Most importantly, you'll connect to the most experienced and committed people, ready to do the work at hand. This is based on extensive feedback from environmental groups, organizations and green businesses who have already used GoodWork over 12,000 times. If this is your first time here, you'll be surprised by the calibre of people you'll reach.
  2. Your posting will be seen by thousands, and typically read by anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand people. But don't worry: unlike commercial sites, you won't be flooded by applicants (and you can close your posting at any time).
  3. GoodWork staff will look over your posting and clean up any formatting issues. We'll also check for errors or omissions (although ultimately that remains your responsibility). If we notice any problems, we'll contact you immediately.
  4. We'll optimize your posting to help it be found by the right people through searches, social media and word of mouth. (We don't modify the wording of your posting, although sometimes we offer suggestions.)
  5. We are not a 'bot' site. We're operated by real humans — experienced environmental staff who can make a real difference in whether your posting achieves its desired result. And we're always just a phone call away, whether for personal assistance or any problems that may arise.
  6. Your posting will also be picked up by other environmental organizations, social media, and passed around by e-mail.
  7. Your posting will stay online until the date you indicate or whenever you decide to close it. (maximum 12 months)
  8. GoodWork dedicates 100% of its time and effort to supporting the environmental movement, so by using GoodWork you're being an important part of this community.


  1. GoodWork staff have 14 years experience and are here to assist you with your posting. We can provide suggestions and feedback on your posting, the selection process, human resource or legal issues, and more. Please give us a call and/or follow up by e-mail.
  2. If by any chance the response to your posting is less than you'd hoped for, our staff can help diagnose and often come up with a solution. Just give us a call, there's no extra charge.
  3. We can provide stats, referrals and a variety of other services on request. Please call to enquire.

Needless to say:

  1. GoodWork staff and volunteers have worked over 20,000 hours and invested thousands of dollars in building up this service. No, it's not "just a website", it's a real service, helping you find the right people for the work to be done. We make it look simple — but we're always hard at work making it come together and actually do what it's supposed to do.
  2. GoodWork's sliding scale/suggested rates are far less than commercial sites, yet give better results. We even offer a "can't pay" option, when needed by smaller groups or others who can't pay. Why? We're run by and for environmentalists with a mission to develop and support the environmental community. But if you are able to pay, please do. Our staff need a living wage too!

For you and the environment

  1. We're here for the environment first and foremost. So we want you to post whether on not you can pay — it would be a shame not to post your opportunity. But please be honest, as we depend on payments to offer this service. It's simple: if you can pay, do. If you can't pay, please post anyway.
  2. Our guarantee: If for any reason you're not happy with your posting or anything else, we'll promptly refund in full, no questions asked.

If you have any other questions, please contact us and our dedicated staff will assist you.

“Thank you for GoodWork's ongoing support of our work — you’ve helped us build a great team.” — Christine Martin, Evergreen

“I wanted to let you know what amazing applicants we got through GoodWork. It's inspiring that there are such capable, committed, enthusiastic people out there, keen to do this kind of work.” — Rebecca Aird, Environmental Consultant




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