Does it cost to post?

“We've always had really
good responses. We don't
even bother posting
anywhere else anymore.”


Kecia Kerr

It depends!  Our suggested rates enable us to operate and deliver the candidates we're known for. It may look seamless, but it doesn't just “happen”... our staff are working full-time making this all come together.

But our mission is to help you and the environment. We understand that not everyone has budget available. There's a drop-down on the posting page that lets you choose what, if anything, you can afford. If you genuinely can't afford to pay, please post anyway. It's an honour system.

If requesting a complimentary posting, please make it as easy as possible for our staff to process:

  • Just do it — Please fill out the posting form completely. We've made it as simple as possible, it should only take a minute or two. If you skip over fields, it means additional work for us. 
  • Location of work — If the position is “remote” please be clear what you mean by that. Are you seeking volunteers who live nearby? Or anywhere in your province? Or anywhere in Canada? Being as clear as possible saves everybody's time and brings a better response.
  • Do it yourself — We'll e-mail you a “Thank you for posting” message. Please keep this! It contains a unique link that lets you revise, extend or close your posting. Please keep it so you don't need to ask for help.
  • Multiple positions? — Please combine them all into one posting. Feel free to include the entire postings, or something briefer, with links back to the details on your own site.

Post a volunteer position: Post a volunteer opportunity

Please let us know if you have any difficulties, or if we can be of any assistance.


The GoodWork Team