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What is GoodWork?

GoodWork is Canada's hub for work in environment, sustainability and related themes. For over 23 years, we've been helping eco-minded employers find the best candidates possible. We are a social purpose project operated by dedicated environmentalists.

“We've always had really
good responses. We don't
even bother posting
anywhere else anymore.”


Kecia Kerr

Why post here?

Posting with GoodWork is an entirely different experience compared to other sites. Instead of receiving hundreds of resumes from people who haven’t even read the posting, you’ll receive a manageable number of qualified, motivated candidates. Most employers decide that the benefits of posting with GoodWork far outweigh the modest cost of posting.  Guarantee | Kudos | More

Is it a good fit?

Is your organization, or the position itself, related to environment, sustainability or nature? Is it in Canada? If in doubt, please go ahead and post; our dedicated staff will get to work on it. In the unlikely case we think it's not a fit, we'll let you know (and promptly refund if you've already paid). Of course, each posting is backed by our guarantee. Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Will my posting reach the right people?

Very probably. We've had remarkable success at filling a wide variety of roles. If you're feeling uncertain whether GoodWork is the best place to post, please go ahead submit your posting. Feel free to mention any concerns in the comments field and/or contact us to discuss. Our staff will review your posting, contact you if needed, and ensure it gets the best results possible.

Is there a cost?

GoodWork is a social purpose organization. It's our mission to help the environmental movement, climate action, nature, sustainable food. Our unique system allows everyone to post. Even those who genuinely have no budget/ can't pay, but still value finding great staff. Each time you post, we're at work finding you the best candidates. On the posting page, please choose whichever level you can afford. Or, if payment is truly a barrier, choose “can't pay”. We fully guarantee each posting. Our modest rates sustain GoodWork and let us deliver the response we're famous for. Most employers decide that the benefits of finding qualified, motivated candidates far outweigh our modest fee.

What if we have no budget?

Frustrated by budget restrictions? If you genuinely have no budget, we hear you! Go ahead and post, and choose ”can't pay“ in the payment section. Our mission is to help every posting find the best candidate possible, even for small, unfunded environmental groups.

How to post a job?

It's fast, easy and self-explanatory. Please use the posting page. By the way, we're not a 'robot'. Real, dedicated staff will handle the process and make sure everything goes well. This usually happens within a few hours or less. If the posting is urgent, please let us know in the private comments. If our staff have any questions or see any issues with the posting, we'll give you a shout. Or if you prefer, feel free to email us your posting: info goodwork.ca.

When your posting goes live, we'll send you a "Thank you for posting" to let you know. Please keep this message as it also lets you revise, extend or close your posting at any time. And of course, our staff are here to help.

How long will my posting stay online?

For as long as you like, within reason, to fill a position. The posting page lets you choose the “display until” date — when the system will automatically remove the posting. Please choose a reasonable date... you can easily shorten or extend it at any time. Most employers choose to post for a few weeks or longer. Tip: If a position is filled please let us know, or close it yourself. This is only fair to applicants / job seekers. We reserve the right to remove old postings that seem obsolete.

Urgent / last-minute postings?

Even if the deadline is just a few days away, it's still worth posting. It's possible to get a very fast response. Our guarantee is 24 hours but most postings go live within a few hours or less. If you flag it as urgent, we'll get on it!  Post an opportunity now.

Ongoing or recurring openings?

For “ongoing” postings, feel free to leave it online for as long as needed. We reserve the right to limit it to 90 days; but we're often fine with such a posting staying online for up to a year (if it's still active and relevant). Please note that the number of applicants declines over time. It's best to post again as often as you can. Here are several options for best results...

  1. Manual posting — You can post this position as often as you like. Each new ad attracts new candidates. There are several ways to do this; whichever is most convenient for you:
    • Email us and we'll repost it for you;
    • Post it yourself (GoodWork.ca/post)
    • Use the 'repost' link (please see the Thank you for posting message)
  2. Automatic posting (weekly, monthly or quarterly) — We can set it up to automatically repost whenever you like. Each posting is a new ad and attracts new candidates.
  3. Single posting — This might seem to be the cheapest approach, but it's also the least effective. You can leave the posting online for up to 6 months. After a few weeks, fewer applicants will see it and apply. For multiple positions, it's worthwhile to post more than once!
  4. Additional promotion — Multiple positions, mission-critical or hard-to-fill? Please call us to discuss how to best find the candidates you need.

Help! We need more applicants!

Some positions can be hard to fill. If your posting isn't attracting suitable applicants, please contact us. We have 23 years experience making the hiring process work. We can discuss your posting and offer suggestions. No charge.

GoodWork really is purpose-driven. It's our mission to help the environmental movement, climate action, nature. Please don't hesitate to reach out.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss how to find the best candidate, please don't hesitate. GoodWork can advise and assist with all steps in the hiring process. Contact us

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