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What is GoodWork?

GoodWork is Canada's largest community of environmental changemakers, sustainability professionals, job seekers and volunteers. From Halifax, to Vancouver, to Inuvik, people look here for meaningful, sustainable work. Dedicated to environment and sustainability for over 20 years.

“We've always had really
good responses. We don't
even bother posting
anywhere else anymore.”


Kecia Kerr

Why post here?

Are you serious about finding the best, most qualified person? Someone as dedicated as you are? If you're serious about posting, we're serious about finding the best person for the role Guarantee | Kudos | More

Is it a good fit?

Is your organization, or the position itself, related to environment, sustainability or nature? Is it based in Canada? GoodWork has a 20-year track record at filling positions ranging from volunteer to senior management. This includes positions with nonprofits, sustainable business, education and government. If in doubt, please go ahead and post, or contact us with any questions.

Will my posting reach the right people?

Yes, very probably. We've had remarkable success at filling everything from volunteer positions to senior and specialist roles. If you're not sure if GoodWork is quite right for the position you have in mind, please post it and put “free trial” in the comments field. Or contact us with any questions.

Is there a cost?

We offer a unique honour system to allow everyone to post, including those who genuinely can't pay. Each time you post, we're at work finding you the most suitable candidates. On the posting page, please choose whichever level you can afford. Or, if payment is truly a barrier, choose “can't pay”. We fully guarantee each posting. Our suggested rates sustain GoodWork and let us deliver the response we're famous for. We accept all common payment options including credit, debit, e-transfer, cheques.

What if we have no budget?

Frustrated by budget restrictions? If you genuinely have no budget, we hear you. Go ahead and post, and choose ”can't pay“ in the payment section. Our mission is to help every posting find the best candidate possible, even when your own budgets aren't on side.

How do I post?

Please use the posting page. Or if that doesn't work for you, we can also accept postings by e-mail: info goodwork.ca

How long will my posting stay online?

For as long as you like, within reason. The posting page lets you specify the “display until” date, when the system will automatically remove the posting. You can shorten or extend it at any time. Most employers choose to post for a few weeks. But “ongoing” postings, for example, often stay online for a year or longer. Anything beyond the first 60 days is complimentary; we reserve the right to remove ageing postings that seem obsolete.

What about last minute postings?

Even if the deadline is just a few days away, it's still worth posting. Subscribers are alerted of new postings by email, Twitter and other networks, so it's possible to get a very fast response.

Ongoing or recurring openings?

Post such a position like any other. It can stay online for up to a year (or longer by agreement). However, the number of applicants declines over time, so it helps to post again periodically, for example once a season. Each time you repost, a lot of new interest will be generated. Or ask us to set up an automatic repost.

We need more applicants!

If your posting isn't attracting enough suitable applicants, please contact us. We'll review your posting and offer our ideas and assistance (no charge!)

Other questions?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how to find the best candidate, please don't hesitate. GoodWork can advise and assist with all aspects of the hiring process. Contact us.

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