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How to subscribe

To subscribe, please go to the subscribe page. More info:

  • Daily or weekly digest:  We'll send you one message a day, or one a week, whichever you prefer. All new postings will be listed in the message.
  • Custom search alert:  If you prefer, you can narrow your search by location, theme or job level. We'll only email you when new jobs are posted that match your search criteria. This means at most one message per day or per week, whichever you choose. There are two ways to create a custom alert: (1) Go to the subscribe page and choose "custom alert". Or (2) Go to the search page, try out a search, and then click "Create an email alert for this search" (it's the grey button just above the postings).

Note:  Be sure to reply to the confirmation message, and check your spam folder if you don't see it.  If you don't confirm, you're not subscribed!


You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any message you receive. Click here for help with unsubscribing.

Other Questions

Will I receive junk mail or spam?
No. Each message is carefully moderated by our staff to ensure that unwanted messages don't get through. Also, there are no attachments.

Will you give my e-mail address to others?
No. We will not share your address with anyone.

What will you do with my personal information?
You don't need to give any information other than your e-mail address. If you choose to fill in the optional items on the subscribe form, this will help us improve and refine our service. We will not share personally identifiable information with anyone. (Privacy Policy)

I tried to subscribe, but I'm not getting anything
Please check your spam folder and click "this is not spam". (More info: Don't miss out on GoodWork).

How can I post an opportunity?
To post a job, internship or other opportunity, please use the Post a Job page.