Is GoodWork eco-friendly?

GoodWork is a social enterprise — a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping people find healthy, environmentally-friendly work. Our mission: to help build a greener, more sustainable Canada.

Our staff and volunteers work hard to support the development of environmental organizations and sustainable green businesses across Canada. We are long-time supporters of many Canadian environmental groups and organizations.

Our own staff tele-commute, walk or bike to work and strive to practise sustainable living in all aspects of our lives.

Our website is hosted on Canadian-owned, community minded, green servers. Our site uses only open source servers and software, to help sustain an open, democratic Internet.

Our unique sliding scale approach demonstrates our commitment: no posting is rejected based on budget or ability to pay.

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“Thank you for GoodWork's ongoing support of our work – you’ve helped us build a great team.” — Christine Martin, Evergreen

“GoodWork is enormously helpful. Of all the postings I've done, this is the one that has drawn the attention of excellent candidates.”
— Margaret Tourond-Townson, Canadian Organic Growers


GoodWork Canada is a registered trademark of People and Planet.