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Don't miss out on GoodWork

You can prevent our postings from being blocked as spam or landing in your junk mail folder, where you might never see them. Here's how:

  • Gmail — Click "Mail", near top left, then "Contacts". Click the "New Contact" button. Under "email" type:, then click the "Save Now" button, near top right.
  • Yahoo! — Click "Contacts" in the left column. Click "Add Contact." Type into the "Email" field. Click "Save."
  • Hotmail/ — Click "Options." Under "Junk email," click "Safe and blocked senders." Click "Safe senders." Add and to the list.
  • Other email systems — we recommend one or more of the following:
    • Add to your contact list or address book
    • Check your email settings/options for "allowed senders," "whitelist," etc., and add where appropriate
    • Set up a filter that will automatically send incoming mail from to your inbox

Hotmail or problems?

Do you use Hotmail, Windows Live or Are you having problems subscribing or not receiving all messages? Consider switching to just about any other e-mail system. For example Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, your ISP account at home, or your school or work account. There are many other e-mail providers.