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Waking up to the climate crisis

It's finally happening, the world is waking up to the climate crisis. Oil companies are in court for lying, the truth is coming out about climate breakdown, and millions are standing up for truth and action. All this is thanks to you — everyday people who care about our future — and are doing everything we can. It is only with our eyes wide open, that we have the opportunity to rebuild our world.

The climate crisis threatens everything we love.

But it's also an opportunity for enormous positive change.

No one person can "do it all" — but most of us can do a lot more than we're doing...

Which are you?

  • Denial – "it's no big deal, the science is wrong, don't worry be happy"
  • Avoidance – "let's not think about it, there are so many other distractions"
  • Blaming – "it's the government's/industry's fault"
  • Despair – "the world is a mess, nothing I can do about it"
  • Positive change – "let's do the right thing, as if our lives depend on it"

What you can do:

  • Support groups & organizations working for climate action: Climate Action Network Canada | GoodWork. Join two or three that seem most important to you. Without you and me, they are nothing — our participation is crucial.
  • Live as sustainably as you can. Reduce your consumption, fly less or not at all, switch to renewables. It might sound difficult, but it will lead to a happier, healthier life. 
  • Participate in nonviolent strikes and protests. It is perhaps the most visible part of the movement — an important way to let the public, governments and business hear our voice. Strikes continue every Friday in thousands of locations around the world. Learn more, join a strike or start your own: |

Green jobs, internships, volunteering:

What's this all about? Don't believe the science?

If you're still in denial, or don't see why 1.5C is such a big deal, please take a few hours to educate yourself — from credible, non-complicit sources. 

Need help?

 In the news:

Will we wait for the fire to be at the door? Will we wait for our lives to be threatened? Or will we change our habits, innovate and inspire, starting today?

Get connected, get involved!

Climate Change & Environmental Organizations

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