Green Job Campaigns, Strategy & Policy

Green job campaigns, policy and strategies in Canada and the USA.

(1) Canada

Green Collar Careers (for high school students, teachers & industry partners) –
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition Green Jobs Campaign Toronto | Power Shift Canada – 2010 & 2012

Green Economy / Eco-economics:
Pembina Institute – Green Economics
Wikipedia – Green Economy | Environmental Economics

Political Party Campaigns & Policies
Green Party | NDP | Liberal Party | Bloc Quebecois | Conservative Party | More

Blue Green Canada –
Good Jobs for All –

Green Business & Economics Links
Planetfriendly – Green Business & Environmental Economics Links

(2) USA

Sierra Club Green Jobs Program –
Green for All –
Green Jobs Alliance –
Green Jobs Now –
Good Jobs Green Jobs –
Blue Green Alliance –
Blue Green Alliance Foundation –
Veterans Green Jobs –

(3) Resources

What is a Green Job?

What is a Green Job? (article, links and resources)

Green/Environmental Training & Education

Repower Ontario, a one-week green career training course, near Toronto –
Green Collar Careers, a website for high school students, teachers, industry partners –

Environmental Education Links – Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary
Post-Seconday Education Guide (Canadian universities), by Alternatives Journal
Canadian Centre for Environmental Education: distance learning programs for environmental professionals – CCEE

The Planetfriendly Calendar – Environmental Conferences, Courses & Events in Canada

Green Job Search Tips

Green Job Boards / Canadian Green Job Sites