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How to live with the climate crisis without becoming a nihilist

“The climate crisis has moved into everyday life and it can feel overwhelming.

Faced with this reality, it may be tempting to say, “We’re doomed,” as Jonathan Franzen recently suggested. This view comes from a deep misconception about how the crisis is likely to unfold.

We will not suddenly pass a tipping point to doom at 2° Celsius of global heating above preindustrial levels, as Franzen incorrectly claims.

Instead, climate breakdown exists on a continuum where every 10th of a degree of additional heating means more death and suffering. No matter how bad it gets, we must keep doing everything we can to keep it from getting worse...”

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Are you doing everything you can?

Yes, there is a continuum, we should do whatever we can, no matter how bad it seems.

At the same time, there is very real danger of runaway climate / tipping points. But despite all the modelling, nobody can tell for sure exactly what will happen when.

Above all, we must not give in to cynicism, despair, let our fears for the future make us dig our heads in the sand. As soon as we believe "we're doomed", it's kind of over, isn't it?

The future isn't written yet.

It's up to us, individually and collectively, to write that future.

Can we find the sweet spot between denial and despair? — positive action.

We owe it to ourselves, our kids, generations past and future. 



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