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Position: Permaculture Internship Program
Type: full-time internship, some food, accommodations, more (see below)
Organization: Living Landscapes Eco-Logical Design
Location: near Madoc, Ontario (east of Peterborough)

We are a small, budding off-grid community and permaculture farm seeking work exchange interns for a structured Permaculture Design Internship culminating in a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), as well as for general work-exchange learning opportunities. Our farm is located north of Madoc, Ontario (between Ottawa and Toronto just off Highway 7, north of Belleville about 45 minutes). We also have a possible opportunity for a house sitting for 2-4 weeks in August, staying in our off-grid tiny home. We will be away during this time in August but will still be available for mentoring from a distance if you choose to live on the land during that time or to commute. Others will be on the land at this time as well running a market garden, who you may work with.

Learning Opportunities

  • Permaculture Design Interns have the potential to work through a permaculture/forest garden based structured internship program during the 2019 growing season (or beyond), and will earn a PDC, while helping with and learning about setting up a permaculture homestead and perennial polyculture based forest garden and nursery. Shorter work-exchange opportunities are also available – please inquire.

    • This includes installing the next stages of a partially planted forest garden, potentially a passive solar greenhouse, expanding our bee yard, and setting up infrastructure for egg birds.

  • Permaculture Design Internships are a minimum of 30 hours/week of hands on work for 1 month, but the program can extend to 6+ months that includes 30 hours/week of hands on, with evening times for studying and doing design work. Working out other time frames (e.g. 1 month here, 1 month away, 1 month here) is possible - please inquire.

  • Internships are structured by skill set topics and seasonal necessity based learning, but a core curriculum required for a PDC will be the foundation, particularly in the beginning. The PDC core curriculum is based on the Permaculture Institute of North America's (PINA) core curriculum.

  • The spring work will be seed starting (including from seeds currently going through treatment), nursery care that will involve learning about plants, as well as co-designing and planting new gardens, caring for already planted plants, and planting vegetables, trees and other perennials in pots and in the ground. Summer is mostly maintenance, harvest, design, nursery and plant care, and preparing new garden areas, while fall will involve preparing new garden areas for spring, more design, and of course harvest, as well as food and medicine preservation and processing, including canning, drying and making tinctures. Concurently, the program will involve reading books and multi-media course materials in your own time, doing exercises and activities, and discussions with the facilitator, community members, and other current and past interns. The longer you stay, the more things you will learn about.

  • Other work exchanges are also possible for shorter periods, though you will not be able to earn a PDC (requires 1 month minimum commitment, though again, this can be over a longer period).

  • Permaculture designer and teacher Trent Rhode will work directly with you and supply learning resources and mentor you based on 14+ years of experience in permaculture/ecological design that includes a permaculture teacher training, 2 design courses (including one he co-facilitated), and experience running his own permaculture design company since 2012. Trent is currently a member of PINA.

Other Details

  • There is a potential for us to provide accomodations in a private cabin for the right person (please inquire about current status) and during part of August, for you to stay in our slightly larger home.

  • You would need to begin the internship before the beginning of August, or at the end of August when we return from our trip (unless we work out something separate with other people on the land - inquire if interested). Our exact dates are still being worked out.

  • We recommend you have a vehicle if you are staying here, though carpooling places is a potential. You must supply much of your own food, but we will supply some bulk items such as seeds, nuts, rice, flour, oats, and similar. You will also be entitled to food from what we grow, which we can discuss more when we talk. This is not a WWOOF opportunity where we provide for all of your food needs, but we will share some meals, supply the bulk items, and supply water and electricity for phones and laptops while you are on the land. We will also provide a significant portion of your vegetables when they are in season, and some fruit from the land.


To apply, please send an email to:
trentrhode mask gmail.com* briefly explaining why you'd like to do this internship, how long of a learning work exchange program you are interested in, possible start and end dates, and your experience with permaculture, ecology, organic gardening/farming, or agriculture in general. You may call 705-313-4769 for more information.

Please indicate you saw this posting at jobs.rcen.ca.

*Email: The e-mail address above has been masked to prevent spam. Please copy the address or type it manually, add the @ sign, remove “mask” and any spaces.

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