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GoodWork continues to operate as usual during this extraordinary time. Our staff are working from home; hours may vary. Please find below some useful resources for business, nonprofits, employers and job seekers. 


Government of Canada official info on Coronavirus

What to do if you think you have Covid-19 — a guide to each province and territory

Physical Distancing:

for employers, small business, individuals

Federal support:

Provincial support: BC | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Ontario | Quebec | New Brunswick | PEI | Nova Scotia | Newfoundland | Yukon | Northwest Territories | Nunavut  

for Canadians

Government of Canada official info on Coronavirus

Worried about coronavirus? All our lives are being disrupted. But at the same time, this is a time to strengthen our communities, resilience, self-care...  

(Note: This page is not medical advice. Links are provided for your interest, we do not approve or endorse them. For up-to-date info, please see the government, public health or health provider.)

Official info: Canada | BC | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Ontario | Quebec | New Brunswick | PEI | Nova Scotia | Newfoundland & Labrador | Yukon | Northwest Territories | Nunavut

(1) Prevention

  • Stay home, save lives: How Canada could avoid the worst of COVID-19 — "This is Canada's one brief chance to change the course of this epidemic. ... If you wait until things are bad, you've waited too long." — full story (2) Video (CBC) // How cancelled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart — full story (
  • The do's and don'ts of social distancing — full story (The Atlantic) | Canada | More
  • How to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic "Get ready / Limit the spread of germs / Follow health travel advice and advisories / Take care of yourself" — full story (Ottawa Public Health)
  • Coronavirus prevention and risksfull story (Government of Canada)
  • Soap wins out over hand sanitizer (and is also cheaper and better for the environment) — full story ( MoreMore | Non-toxic disinfecting | Stop the spread of germs
  • Boost your immune system — "Lower your stress / Improve your sleep habits / Check your vitamin D level / Avoid excessive alcohol / Eat a balanced diet / Exercise / Skip unproven supplements" — full story (NY Times)
  • What about face masks, disposable gloves, vitamins, toilet paper? — full story (

(2) Symptoms & treatment

  • Do I have Covid-19, the flu or a cold? — full story (
  • Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment — full story (Government of Canada)
  • What to do if you think you have Covid-19: a guide to each province and territory — full story (

(3) Stress & anxiety

  • Coping with stress, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, mental health — (1) Embrace Self-Compassion; (2) Practice Mindfulness Meditation; (3) Try 4-7-8 Breathing; (4) Reach Out to Others; (5) Engage Your Mind (6) Take Media Breaks; (7) Exercise; (8) Connect with Nature; (9) Practice Optimism and Gratitude — full story (Psychology Today) | More "Take all precautions, and if you're healthy: go outside, go for a walk, enjoy nature." (source unknown)
  • Work from home during the pandemic — various articles
  • Don't panic, fall for hoaxes, scams or trolls — full story ( 
  • Coping with fear in the face of pandemic — full story (Psychology Today)
  • If coronavirus scares you, read this to take control over your health anxiety — full story (The Guardian)
  • 50 ways to stay SANE during the coronavirus pandemicfull story

(4) Community, compassion, positivity

  • Facing COVID-19 with Community instead of Fear — full story (Yes Magazine)
  • Coronavirus sparks an epidemic of people helping people in Seattle — full story (Seattle Times)
  • Italians defy coronavirus with mass singing, applause for doctors — story, video | more: (1) (2) (3)
  • Can we emerge from the crisis as more conscientious human beings? — full story (Qz)
  • Surge in bicycling to minimize coronavirus exposure — full story (NY Times) (2)
  • 1,000 reasons not to lose every last shred of hope — full story (Grist)
  • Yes Magazine — We’ll be including all the beautiful ways communities are stepping up their compassion and people power in this challenging time, online at . A few of the stories on deck:
    • What kinds of social safety nets are helping communities prepare—and protect—themselves
    • How “Nordic economics” offers us a model for handling uncertainty
    • Books that help us find courage in times of anxiety
    • How neighbors in Appalachia are building community by facing coronavirus together 

(5) Environment & Sustainability

  • Where did COVID-19 come from? How wildlife markets spread disease — full story (
  • Climate change is deadlier than the coronavirus — full story
  • Why don’t we panic about climate change like we do coronavirus? "Short-term politics and human nature shape a bias to address only what’s right in front of us" — full story
  • Is Covid-19 the silver bullet for climate change? — full story (
  • Coronavirus and climate change — various articles (News Search)
  • Climate Strike goes digital — "the global climate strikes are going digital during the COVID-19 pandemic" —  full story (Grist) 
  • How did Covid-19 start? “The disease appears to have originated from a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals, including marmots, birds, rabbits, bats and snakes, are traded illegally. Coronaviruses are known to jump from animals to humans, so it’s thought that the first people infected with the disease – a group primarily made up of stallholders from the seafood market – contracted it from contact with animals.” — full story

(6) More...

Stay home: “All Canadians, as much as possible, should stay home. By staying home, you can not only protect your health and that of those around you, but ensure that our health care professionals and our health care systems can focus on those who need their help. This is an adjustment for all of us. We know that staying home is an important step to protect the community and each other. We all have to do it.” — Justin Trudeau (Full speech)

Social distancing — why is it important?


“It can be said that there are four basic and primary things that the mass of people in a society wish for: to live in a safe environment, to be able to work and provide for themselves, to have access to good public health and to have sound educational opportunities for their children.” — Nelson Mandela

Public health: About | Public Health Agency of Canada | Canadian Public Health Association | Public Health Organizations


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